Famous people in Prague

What famous people have said about Prague

Franz Kafka:
Prague doesn’t let go. Either of us. This dear old lady has claws. One has to yield, or else....

Alén Diviš:
Prague is a city of churches. You go from one to another…

Paul Blake (American artist):
Prague is the most beautiful city I have ever visited, more beautiful than Paris, Vienna or Barcelona… Seriously, it is the most beautiful city I know.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart:
My people of Prague understand me.

Hector Berlioz:
How enchanting is that continuous line of churches, palaces, battlements, bell towers, spires, arcades and gables! How magical is that view from the hilltops, surrounded by magnificence in stone! On one side the forest descends into the extensive plain, and on the other rows of houses, like currents of boiling water, hurl themselves into the Vltava river, which flows majestically through the city… From a letter written in 1846

August Rodin:
Prague most resembles Rome… The aristocratic beauty of the women of Prague, the way they walk and the way they are attired, so graceful and elegant, reminded me of Dante's Paradise…

August Wilhelm Ambroz:
Prague… is considered to be the foremost and best-known city of classical music, the centre of serious and authoritative musical trends.

Christian Norberg-Schulz (Norwegian historian and expert on architectural theory):

  • Prague changes like a precious stone to reflect the weather, the time of day and the season of the year.
  • Getting to know Prague is like listening to a major musical work: it is constantly revealing more and more new aspects of itself.
  • The magic of Prague is derived above all from the urgent feeling of mystery. You have the impression that you are constantly able to penetrate deeper into the heart of the matter. The streets, the entrances, the courtyards and the stairways lead you into the unending interior.
  • There are very few places that arouse such a feeling of enchantment as Prague. Prague will captivate and enthral you with a power that no other city can match.


Archbishop Söderstrom:
At every step the thunder of history can be heard.

Richard Wagner (1826):
The ancient splendour and beauty of Prague, a city that is beyond compare, left an impression on my imagination that will never fade.

Ibrahim Ibn Jakob, writing in the year 965:
The city of Prague is built of stone and lime and has become one of the richest cities through trade.


Famous people who lived in Prague

Franz Kafka
Reiner Maria Rilke
Gustav Meyring
Albert Einstein
Johannes Kepler
Tycho Brahe


Famous visitors to Prague, who visited Prague before you did.

Famous people who came to Prague in the distant past:

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Ludwig van Beethoven
Franz List
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Fryderyk Chopin
Carl Maria von Weber
Nicolo Paganini
Enrico Caruso
Fjodor Shaljapin
Hans Christian Andersen
August Rodin

Christian Doppler
Thomas Alva Edison
Albert Schweitzer

Famous people who came to Prague in more recent past:

Pope John Paul II
Mother Theresa of Calcutta
Prince Charles of Whales
Princess Diana
Albert II, King of the Belgians
The Fourteenth Dalai Lama of Tibet
President Bill Clinton

President Barack Obama
Mrs. Madeleine Korbel Albright, United States Secretary of State

Astronauts Cernan, Blaha and Lowel

Emperor Akihito of Japan
Duke Henry of Luxemburg
President George Bush
President George W. Bush
Mrs. Laura Bush