Who we are

We are Prague native, Prague born. We live in Prague and we never cease to be amazed at its beauty and its unique atmosphere.

We have a university education in the humanities and technical fields. We are experts who have worked in the cultural domain, in universities, in government agencies, and also for various church institutions, with whom we remain in contact. We have considerable experience of organising various church events and arranging student exchanges between church schools for training medical workers and practice placements in the charitable establishments of various churches.

We can prepare programmes both for those who want to have a general overview of the city and also for those who would like to know more and see things that are not included in standard tourist programmes.

For those who wish we can prepare a programme including trips outside of Prague to places of pilgrimage, castles and chateaux, and sites of natural beauty.

The prices for our services are reasonable. We will also be glad to advise you on how to minimalise your other costs during your stay in Prague and recommend the best alternative to meet your needs.

You can always contact us by e-mail (pilgrimages@centrum.cz) to make any necessary changes to your programme, depending on what you want. With us, you will feel sure that you are being accompanied by someone who will really take care of you. Our main interest is to ensure that visitors to Prague get to know the eventful history of the city as inexpensively as possible, that they can see and experience the things that interest them, and that they will want to come back and see us again.