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A visit to Prague is a fascinating pilgrimage into the depths of time, an encounter with the famous people who lived here centuries ago. Its architecture is cosmopolitan without losing its local flavour. Different styles can be found here side by side, like variations on the same theme. Motifs from all corners of Europe come together in Prague and create a unique synthesis with its own special feel for heaven and earth. Each of the seasons brings to the city its own distinctive charm.

This is where St. Agnes of Bohemia fought her inner struggle, making her choice between a life of royal luxury and a life consecrated to God and the service of others in poverty and humility.
Here in the shadow of the ghetto Rabbi Löw wrote his scientific treatises and perhaps, too, created the Golem of legend, an artificial being.
Here Johannes Kepler worked out his laws, which govern the movement of the heavenly bodies.
This is where Franz Kafka wandered through the alleyways and hatched the plots for his novels.
In this city Albert Einstein gave lectures on his theory of relativity.
It was here that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart passed the happiest days of his life.

The city, through whose streets walked Beethoven, Chopin, Edison, Schweitzer, and many others. The city, whose visitors also included Mother Theresa of Calcutta and the Holy Father John Paul II, who has visited Prague three times.

Would you like to join them and follow in their footsteps? Would you like to become familiar with the secrets of this city?

Prague Castle Tour
Prague Castle is the symbol of more than millennial development of the Czech state. Originally was the residence of princes and kings of Bohemia, now it is the seat of the president of the Czech Republic. You will se also Strahov Monastery, Loreto, St. Vitus Cathedral and the Lesser Town with the world-famous Infant Jesus of Prague Church.

Charles Bridge and the Old Town Tour
Charles Bridge, a unique work of art with the open-air gallery of statues, will lead you from the Infant Jesus Church to the Square of the Knights of the Cross with the Red Star, which is supposed to be the most beautiful square in Prague. You will se also the church of St. Francis, Klementinum, and the Old Town Square with the famous astronomical clock.

Grand City Tour
This tour will take you to the royal rout of the Czech Kings, connecting Prague Castle and the Old Town. You will see Strahov Monastery, Loreto, St. Vitus Cathedral, the Lesser Town, Infant Jesus of Prague Church, church of St. Francis, Klementinum, the Old Town Square and the astronomical clock.

Other tours
Prague historical gardens and parks
Jewish Museum
Franz Kafka and Prague
In the footsteps of famous musicians who visited Prague
Following W. A. Mozart's footsteps
The velvet revolution in 1989
Art nouveau in Prague
The most beautiful palaces of Prague
Boat cruise on Vltava river

Tours outside Prague
Svatá Hora - Marian place of pilgrimage
Glass factory Nižbor

As the historical parts of Prague are mostly not accessible to coaches or cars, we mainly make use of the excellent Prague public transport system to travel from your hotel to the historical centre. Travel costs in this case are negligible. If you are interested, however, we can also recommend or reserve coaches for groups or taxis at very reasonable prices.
Once you let us know what you want to see, then we can work out a price. Do not hesitate to send us an e-mail
( and ask for further details.

We have attended training courses for guides in Prague and also more specialised courses concentrating on Prague Castle and the Jewish Quarter (organised by the Jewish Museum), all of which we have successfully completed by passing examinations and being issued with an official guide's license. We are thus highly trained professionals.

We have a wealth of experience in working as guides. We have been guiding visitors to Prague for over 15 years.
We include members of the Secular Order of Discalced Carmelites.

We have acted as guides to the Father General of the Order of Discalced Carmelites and other visitors to the Carmelite monastery of the Infant Jesus of Prague, guests of several embassies including the American and Philippines Embassies, participants in various ecumenical meetings, and thousands of other visitors from all over the world.