Strahov Monastery and the Abbey Church of the Assumption of Our Lady


On the hill of Sion, towering over the city, is situated a Premonstratensian monastery, founded by King Vladislav in 1140.
The Baroque magnificence of the Church of the Assumption has been built onto Romanesque foundations. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was so enchanted by its beauty that he sat at the newly constructed church organ and improvised a fugue in four parts dedicated to this site. In the 17th century the remains of St. Norbert, the founder of the order, were laid to rest here in the church.
During past centuries the monastery was a centre of wisdom and learning, a fact attested to by the thousands of volumes of books that have been preserved in the magnificently decorated Philosophical and Theological Halls. The Theological Hall is the oldest preserved library hall, with an extensive collection of bibles.