Břevnov Monastery and the Church of St. Margaret The Benedictine Abbey of SS. Margaret and Vojtěch

The Břevnov Monastery and Church of St. Margaret

This, the first monastery for men in the Czech lands, was founded by the bishop St. Vojtěch in the year 993. The first monks came from Monte Cassino in Italy.
The church consecrated to St. Margaret, who was martyred during the reign of the Emperor Diocletian, is one of the masterpieces of Czech Baroque architecture. The interior enraptures the pilgrim with its curving lines and its unity of style. It consists of an integrated series of canopies, whose curving arches reach out diagonally over the interior of the church and thus symbolise the unique relationship between heaven and earth.
The monastery is once again being used by the Benedictines for its original purpose, so that it is once more a site of spiritual freedom and a cultural and religious centre, as it had previously been for a thousand years.